Working Together Towards the Goal



All of our workshops aim to immerse the members of your company in the fundamentals of marketing.

Our marketing workshops are a two-way street: we teach you marketing skills specific to your business needs, whilst our immersive communicative sessions allow us to gain a better understanding of your company’s culture, values, and techniques.

Here at Underpin Marketing, we don’t behave like most marketing consultancies, as we don’t believe in sitting on the side-lines and passively telling your team what to do.

It’s often said that “everyone is in sales”. Well, the same is true of marketing.

Many see it as a separate function from other departments, but marketing can only be effective if the products and services you promote match up.

We want to teach your company how to amalgamate marketing with every aspect of your business to ensure your growth and prosperity.

Our enlightening marketing workshops actively engage employees and allow them to provide input that will shape the marketing strategy.

At Underpin Marketing, we see your employees’ insight as vital to us as consultants, but it also means that when it’s time to implement your marketing strategy, your team is more likely to take ownership.

This transforms them to become passionate leaders of your marketing strategy.

This depends entirely on your business and what the specific workshop is designed to achieve. We tailor each marketing workshop to the company we are presenting to.

Our immersive sessions can last from 90 minutes to a full day, depending on how thorough the grasp of the topic is required.

We give you the choice of whether you would like to attend our marketing workshops remotely online or in person.

Even if your team is still working remotely, or are across the country, or even the world, we can still provide a collaborative session altogether.

Finally, all our workshop sessions can be adapted to suit any number of participants, whether you want an intensive one-to-one session, or you would like us to illuminate a marketing topic to your whole team.

Our expert staff at Underpin Marketing have almost a decade of experience in delivering marketing workshops and informational sessions.

We have discovered the key to exceptional marketing courses is to spend time understanding you and your company’s individual and unique needs beforehand.

This allows us to maximise the time we spend with you by prioritising the most significant topics most relevant to your distinctive marketing objectives and goals.

  •       A free one-hour consultation helps us get to know each other
  •       We’ll then provide a quote specific to your needs
  •       We can conduct workshops with your team
  •       And carry out independent research to support the plan
  •       Then combine this with our industry expertise and external reports
  •       To make recommendations for what will get you where you need to go

Underpin Marketing believes in a five-step approach: Focus, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation and Reporting.

The first three are all the things a consultant should do. The last two are what an agency typically provides. At each stage, we work with your business so the plan enables you to use your own marketing team to deliver the next phase, or allows us to help you continue your journey.