Delivering Innovation as Standard



Our marketing training courses are designed to help you tap into our decades of industry expertise to grow your business. You know your business best, and here at Underpin Marketing, we know marketing best. Our ethos is to enable your marketing team to come up with and implement the best suited and most captivating marketing plan to meet your business’s individual needs and desires.

Whatever the marketing strategy we design for your marketing objectives, we will provide you or your marketing team with the relevant, effective, and professional marketing training for this marketing strategy to be carried out. We don’t mind sharing the marketing industry’s secrets with you, because we’re an independent marketing consultancy, not an agency.

We don’t need to keep you in the dark about what we do – more often than not our job is to help you do it for yourself. In turn, we can save you money by providing your employees with invaluable marketing skills so your business can advance and flourish.

We provide a range of marketing training courses to suit whatever stage your business is at. Whether you are just starting out or have been frustrated by past marketing efforts that haven’t taken off, our aim is to help you connect with your customers to increase your profits.

Our five-star rated marketing training courses have been delivered online and in-person, so we can best meet your needs. Whether you prefer to be remote and train at home or in the office, or if you prefer a more personal face-to-face marketing training course, we are here to accommodate you.

Our marketing courses have helped a variety of businesses; from start-ups needing direction, all the way to well-established companies wanting to take a fresh approach to reflect new ways of doing business.

Previous marketing training course topics have included: 

  • The Meaning of Brand
  • Building a Strategy Rocket
  • Fantastic Tactics and When to Use Them
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Marketing … But Were Too Afraid to Ask
  • Customer-focused Brand Building
  • Creating a Plan You will Actually Stick to
  • Persona Creation
  • The Science of Branding


Here at Underpin Marketing, we are always flexible to best accommodate your marketing and business’s needs and goals.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to learn more or ask a question about the marketing training we can offer you and your business.

  •       A free one-hour consultation helps us get to know each other
  •       We’ll then provide a quote specific to your needs
  •       We can conduct workshops with your team
  •       And carry out independent research to support the plan
  •       Then combine this with our industry expertise and external reports
  •       To make recommendations for what will get you where you need to go

Underpin Marketing believes in a five-step approach: Focus, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation and Reporting.

The first three are all the things a consultant should do. The last two are what an agency typically provides. At each stage, we work with your business so the plan enables you to use your own marketing team to deliver the next phase, or allows us to help you continue your journey.