Providing a Guiding Hand



As consultants, we provide a guiding hand, collaborating with you to develop a marketing plan that reflects your business and what it needs.

Agencies typically have an advantage over consultancies because they are doing the work. Consultants can be perceived as coming in to tell you what to do, then leaving. But agencies have staff who need to be paid, and no matter how honest their intentions, they are bound to propose the services they have particular expertise or experience in.

We aim to close the loop, combining traditional agency experience with independent consultancy. We can create a handpicked team of specialists to deliver the plan we create, with Underpin Marketing overseeing, reporting and project managing the entire process.

This approach means we can provide a pathway to several potential outcomes:

  •       Underpin Marketing project managing a pop-up marketing agency
  •       Creating a plan that can be delivered by the existing team within a company
  •       Helping you recruit employees who will deliver the marketing plan
  •       Connecting you with a full marketing agency

The most appropriate outcome depends on what will be most effective (and cost-effective) for your company.

We like to get to know our potential clients first, so we always offer a free, no-obligation, one-hour consultation to find out more about your business. This is not just so we can get to know you, but also so you can understand how we work, and whether you would feel comfortable working with us.

Underpin Marketing takes a unique approach to marketing consultancy.

Unlike traditional agencies, we can create a team of handpicked experts to deliver exactly what your plan needs. That means we don’t need to push ideas you aren’t comfortable with, or ask you to commit to a particular type of marketing activity.

We provide a guiding hand and truly collaborate, allowing you to develop a plan that everyone is bought into.

We can come in and meet with the board, full departments or even individuals. Owners, marketing directors and project managers often have different motivations, so the aim is to get a true feel for your company and its potential – immersing ourselves in your company so we can highlight possibilities and strengthen weaknesses.

  •       A free one-hour consultation helps us get to know each other
  •       We’ll then provide a quote specific to your needs
  •       We can conduct workshops with your team
  •       And carry out independent research to support the plan
  •       Then combine this with our industry expertise and external reports
  •       To make recommendations for what will get you where you need to go

Underpin Marketing believes in a five-step approach: Focus, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation and Reporting.

The first three are all the things a consultant should do. The last two are what an agency typically provides. At each stage, we work with your business so the plan enables you to use your own marketing team to deliver the next phase, or allows us to help you continue your journey.