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Underpin Marketing believes every business deserves access to a marketing consultant and their strategic skills. Marketing skills which are so readily available to larger organisations. We believe that a good plan can make a business. Because with a good plan, anything is possible.

Underpin Marketing are an independent marketing consultancy, so we aren’t tied to one approach, like social media or pay-per-click.

We recommend the marketing that you actually need, not just the services we happen to supply.

We collaborate with our clients, teasing out the best ideas and using our experience and expertise to deliver the perfect plan.

This approach allows us to deliver expert strategy and marketing consultancy at a cost that’s affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Let's Build a Marketing Rocket



Underpin Marketing are a team of independent marketing consultants led by our founder, Lewis English.


Built to Last

We provide a different style of strategic marketing and planning, one that is normally reserved for big-paying corporate clients.


Value for Money

We act as a company’s Chief Marketing Officer, meaning you get to have all the expertise without having to hire someone in-house.

From The Blog

Marketing IS Your Business

Let me be clear – marketing is not an isolated entity in your business. Decisions you make about your company will directly affect your marketing and how successful it can be.

Write it down! The 6 things you need to build a great marketing plan.

A marketing plan should be dynamic, constantly adapting and evolving with the needs of your business and your customers.

What is the difference between a marketing agency and a marketing consultancy?

“So, you’re a marketing agency, right?” We’re asked this all the time and the answer is usually longer than the questioner expected. Underpin Marketing sees itself as a marketing consultancy, not an agency.

Our method has been tested

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