The greatest achievements start with a good plan

Marketing strategy is your business strategy. Or at least, it should be, because if a well-planned, targeted marketing strategy is not at the heart of your business plan, your customers won’t know about you.

Many marketing strategies are built without firm foundations, without an understanding of the audience and their needs. But we chose the Underpin Marketing name because strategy is a core part of what we do, and it sets the tone and direction of everything from branding exercises to social media posts.

Understand Your Audience

An effective marketing strategy begins with understanding your audience. You may already have a good idea of who they are and why they would want to do business with you, but creating a strategy is an opportunity to dig into this further.

Before you embark on creating a website, leaflets, brochures, or anything else, you need to think about your customers, who they are, what they need from you and the best ways to communicate your message to them.

Answering these questions will allow you to begin branding work and set the tone for your content.

Document Your Strategy

A marketing strategy should be dynamic, constantly adapting and evolving with the needs of your business and your customers. But many companies use that as an excuse not to write their strategy down.

The fact is, without a documented strategy, it’s far too easy to lose sight of your objectives. A strategy document gives you and your team focus, and ultimately saves you time and money.

At Underpin Marketing, we’re guided by the SMARTIE principle, so the strategies we create with you will always be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Individual
  • Evaluated

Ready to start making a plan? Join us for The Five Step Marketing Bootcamp.

Empathy, not jargon

When working on marketing strategy, we always encourage customers to use empathy to understand where their customers are coming from. This helps avoid the use of jargon, which can derail a marketing strategy.

Jargon is phrases or expressions used by groups of experts or within a profession that are difficult for those in the wider world to understand. It confuses potential customers, making them less likely to engage, but businesses use it for a variety of reasons:

  1. They want to appear knowledgeable, so confuse using complicated terminology with demonstrating expertise. It’s a fine line.
  2. They’re so used to communicating with people within an industry, and the shorthand that comes with that, they struggle to break the habit.
  3. They just don’t realise it’s jargon, because the terms are so familiar to them they don’t realise they are confusing to others.

Emotional responses are so important to the buying process, and the more jargon you can eliminate from your communication, the closer the emotional connection you will be able to make.

Get in Touch

Underpin Marketing believe in long-term planning and customer-focused marketing strategies. We can help you document your strategy, avoid jargon and take an empathetic approach to communicating with your audience.

Our marketing strategy services will allow you to consistently promote your brand, idea, product or service by highlighting the benefits of working with your company. For more information on how we can work together, contact us to arrange a free consultation.