Branding is a promise to your customer. It’s a way of identifying who you are, what you do, and the quality of your work.

Branding is the first impression that any small business makes. A good name, logo, identity and strategy can demonstrate the passion and professionalism that will grow your business and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Brand Identity

Underpin Marketing will always work with you to bring your unique selling point to the fore. By helping you create an identity that shows what you represent, we can make sure that the customers who find you know who you are.

Brand consultancy

Brand consultancy is the first step on your branding journey. Our process involves creating a brief, market research, an in-depth interview, outlining initial ideas and building a brand bible that will serve as the go-to guide for your future marketing.

Our Code of Conduct highlights the need for good collaboration and so at all points during the process we will make sure you are fully on board will all the decisions being made. This means no nasty surprises and no wasted time.

We will sit down with you discuss what the focus, style and delivery you want your brand to have. This ensures that there is consistency in your brand, demonstrating the values and vision of your business simply and effectively.

Once we have the brand bible, we can then move on to building out your brand to include name, logo, values, strategy, brochures, flyers and more.


A picture can paint a thousand words. A good logo can write a book. The logo is a key component of any brand. We always provide logos in a variety of file types including JPEG, PNG, SVG, EPS and more. 

We also provide the native files as standard because we trust that our work speaks for itself. We don’t need to make things difficult for you.


What’s in a name? Alongside your logo, a name can deliver everything a potential customer needs to know about your business. Underpin Marketing provides the research and insight to make naming your company easy.

We can check existing brands, trademarks and keywords to ensure that your brand doesn’t infringe anything that could lead to a costly rebrand in the future.

By collaborating on ideas, and using your expert knowledge, we can make sure that everyone is happy with your name choice, especially your customers.

Values and Mission Statement

Having a mission statement and a set of values is now a required part of any business plan. Customers want the things they buy and use to stand for something. 

Because we are so passionate about values, Underpin Marketing has enshrined our own into a Code of Conduct alongside our mission statement.

As part of our branding services we can help you define your values and translate them to your customers, helping them to understand the benefits of working with you. 

Business Cards, Letterheads and Stationery

Despite the majority of our work being in the digital space, we understand the needs of the physical marketing of your brand. Through our network of suppliers we can design and deliver with high-quality, cost-effective business cards, letterheads and stationery that meets the needs and the budget of your small business.

Brochures, books, flyers

Designing brochures, books and flyers that are consistent, professional and informative is a cornerstone of Underpin Marketing’s work. We love nothing more than turning one of your potential customers into a loyal one by delivering a piece of collateral that inspires and educates.

From a small flyer to an entire book, we have the expertise to provide your company with the physical sales tools you need to close that important deal.


If you would like an informal discussion about how Underpin Marketing can help you with any or all of your branding, please get in touch using the form below.