Content has to be at the centre of every piece of marketing your organisation does. Without a good content marketing strategy, every other part of your marketing plan will be ineffective.

Underpin Marketing can provide fully researched and independently proofed copy for websites, social, blogs, magazines and books that adheres to your brand and allows you to put your best foot forward.

From short social media posts to long-form, feature-style articles, a background in journalism and politics means we know the right context, voice, tone and vocabulary to use to get your message across.

We also provide graphic designers, photographers and videographers to make sure the professionalism of every piece of content we provide is unrivalled.


Blogs are an important part of a website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). Through proper research and attention to detail we can ensure that each blog post is as good as it can be and ranks where it should. Because of our background in journalism, we can either work with you, refining and editing your own work, or take your inspiration and research and deliver articles for you.


Video is a fantastic way to deliver a great message on social media. Underpin Marketing are experts in social and case study video. From short one-hour shoots to multi-day multi-location projects, we can provide the exact engagement you need in a cost-effective way.

And because it’s specifically designed for social, it’s an inexpensive way to highlight your brand in a unique way.

For advertisements on television we partner with experts in the field to ensure that the best quality is achieved.


Did you know that social media, websites and brochures all work more effectively when you have relevant photos to showcase them?

Unique photography that is not just taken from a stock photo website can elevate your marketing. Whether it be products or services, photography is part of your company’s visual identity. That’s why we provide cost-effective photography in-house, or work with our partners to deliver eye-catching and unique sets that are yours to keep – no licenses, no buy-outs.

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