• Understand your market, learn how marketing works from the experts, and outperform the competition with a solid plan
  • Full Marketing Strategy, including mission, values, vision, priorities, target customers, personas, messaging, benefits and implementation plan
  • Workshops on all marketing types, including branding, social, PPC, SEO, Content, Email, PR and more
  • A post-event one-hour consultation with an Independent Marketing Consultant to confirm your strategy
  • Free copy of The Five Step Marketing Plan and three months' access to email communications with marketing experts.


A unique two day training and development event that builds a full marketing strategy for your business alongside marketing experts and valued at over £2,000 when delivered alone.
£620+VAT (With No Fees)
  • Coffee and Lunch Included
  • Opportunity to network with other businesses
  • No Hidden Fees, No Sales Pitch, No Sponsors
16 Spaces

Here's Our Strategy For Your Success


Our marketing experts will be in touch to make sure you get the most out of your experience. We will get to know your business to ensure that we provide the right information on the day.

We will order the food, and make sure it meets any dietary requirements you have.

Day One
Mindset Reset

The first day is all about changing mindsets. We will go through the fundamentals of pulling together your strategy, from the sociological to the psychological. From the importance of preparing, to the key skills needed to reach your customers.

Mission, Values, Vision and Priorites
The foundations

Mission: What does your business want to achieve?

Mission Statement: How is it going to achieve its mission?

Values: What rules will it play by?

Vision: What will the world look like when you achieve your mission?

Building the Brand
How to engage with your audience

Market Validation,Target Audience and Personas: What is your market, who is in it, and what are their triggers and fears?

Personality: Tone, Voice, Opinion, to help entice your target audience to use the business.

Benefits: Why should your customers use you?

Day Two
Marketing Workshops
What is the best approach for you?

An overview workshop on SEO, PPC, Social, Physical Branding, PR, Content, and more. Looking at which types to use and when, and how to make sure you are getting the most out of your strategy.

Delivering a Plan
Ensuring you have a proper plan

Our experts will then use the final afternoon to pull all we have learned and created together into a coherent plan you can start delivering straight away.

Post Event
One-To-One Finalisation
Finalising Everything

We will then sit down with you one-to-one after the event, either in person or via video, to ensure your plan is finished, and show you the best ways of delivering it.

Ongoing Support
Three months of email help

For three months after the event, our experts will be available by email to guide you as you enact your strategy.

Lewis English Author Marketing Strategiest

Our Trainers

Our Founder, Lewis English, has over 15 years of experience in branding, marketing and building the reputations of both public and private sector businesses. His events have been commended as “a terrific insight into what it takes to construct a brand that connects with buyers”, and have gained 5-star ratings on Google more than 30 times.

Lewis provides a different style of strategic marketing and planning, one that is normally reserved for big-paying corporate clients.

He collaborates with clients, teasing out the best ideas and using his experience and expertise to deliver the perfect plan.

Once he has helped you develop a marketing strategy, he can use his international network of trusted experts to deliver your plan for you.

In essence, Lewis acts as a company’s Chief Marketing Officer, meaning you get all the expertise without the need to hire someone in-house.

What You Will Get

Personalised Marketing Strategy

You will build your own marketing strategy, specifically for your business or brand. With guidance, you will create a plan that is tailored to your unique goals, budget and target audience.

Valuable Insight from Marketing Experts

By working with our consultants, you will gain valuable insight into marketing best practices, mission, values, priorities, the latest trends, and effective marketing techniques. You will then create a more effective marketing strategy that will drive better results for your business.

One Hour Consultation

After the course, each attendee receives a one-hour consultation with a marketing expert to finalise the plan and get tips on how to implement it.

Improve Your Marketing Skills

Writing your own comprehensive strategy improves your marketing skills by giving you hands-on experience. These valuable skills will improve all future marketing campaigns and projects.

Network with Other Business Owners

The Two Day Marketing Strategy course provides an opportunity to network with other business owners who are looking to improve their marketing strategies. This can lead to new partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.

Save Time and Money

Developing a marketing strategy on your own can be time-consuming and expensive. The Two Day Marketing Strategy course saves both time and money, as you’ll receive the guidance you need to create an effective marketing strategy.

Our Events

Are More Than

Just Training

Our mission is not to simply teach you things, but to work with you to build a plan. Interactive tasks, not presentation reading.

The outcome is different too. Rather than being left to work out how to apply what you’ve learned, you can get started straight away

Sales and marketing use the same foundations no matter what industry we work in.

We love to work with businesses of all sizes. As consultants, we bring fresh ideas and alternative perspectives. Our previous clients have come from the Technology, Service, Environmental and Public Sectors.

We have never found a niche or industry we haven’t found utterly fascinating. From Nuclear Power to Nurseries, we always bring the passion and the expertise. 

No matter which course you choose, the aim is to get you to think differently about your marketing.

Our mission is to get all businesses thinking like big business, and a solid strategy gets you closer to that goal.

On our shorter course, we show you the fundamentals. On our two-day courses, you will leave with a strategy for your business, built by you.

Of course! You get a digital copy with every course, but even if you don’t sign up, drop our founder an email and he’ll send one over –

Yes! Every course comes with a free consultation. And not just for your benefit. We want to make sure you get the most out of the experience, and will point you in the right direction for further support. 

And even if you don’t sign up, we’d love to chat with you.

To book a free, 30-minute, no-obligation consultation, please click here.