A work/life balance: Why we “go fishing”

Underpin Marketing Stevenage Game Controller

A healthy work/life balance is a central part of our code of conduct. By having a thoughtful approach to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing we can be more productive in the long term, and be able to provide a better service to our clients. It's easy to be on social media or working 24/7 but sometimes we all need to "go fishing" and that's what we do regularly here at Underpin Marketing.

What is the difference between a marketing agency and a marketing consultancy?

“So, you’re a marketing agency, right?” We’re asked this all the time and the answer is usually longer than the questioner expected. Underpin Marketing sees itself as a marketing consultancy, not an agency. But what is the difference between a marketing consultancy and a marketing agency? And why do we believe that consultancy is better…

Marketing Mailbag #1: “My marketing company accidentally deleted my website and the backup they have is 3 years old.”

Since moving from the safe harbour of paid employment into the fantastic world of running my own business, I am talking to roughly 50 people a month who seem to have issues with their marketing.  One of the common threads in most conversations is some of the shady practices marketing companies are employing to keep…