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Don’t fear the leap. After 16 years working for somebody else I have decided to start my own business: Underpin Marketing. Its mission is to prove that small business marketing matters.

I have always found that start-ups, micro businesses and small enterprises are the ones that need good websites, good marketing strategy and good social media the most. But they are also the ones that suffer the most when they have the wrong marketing approach.

Underpin Marketing has been set up specifically to deal with these challenges. We provide:

Underpin Marketing’s Code of Conduct

We want to be good and we want to do good – that’s why we have a Code of Conduct. We understand that the marketing costs for small businesses are proportionally larger than for bigger companies. The risks are greater. Underpin Marketing’s Code of Conduct is designed to ensure everyone gets the most out of the partnership and that we all get what we came for – growth.

Code of Conduct

Underpin Marketing, and the companies we work in partnership with, must:

We believe this is a better way to collaborate and a more sustainable way to grow. And when you work with us, we believe you will feel the same way too. Find out more by emailing – Now, let’s get to work.

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