Find Your Company's Direction

This book will take both beginners and experts through a step-by-step guide from the creation of a focus and a strategy, the different tactics at your disposal and how to deliver them, right through to evaluating your plan and setting up the next one.

This book provides a framework to build a plan that is unique to your business, because your business is unique.

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Book Overview

At the end of this journey you will have gained: A company mission, vision and priority; a better understanding of your customers, with a voice, tone and style that will make you irresistible to them; a marketing strategy that delivers consistent growth and improved reputation; a complete guide to the tactics available to you and the best ways to use them; and a way to evaluate and justify your marketing.

Marketing IS Your Business

Let me be clear – marketing is not an isolated entity in your business. Decisions you make about your company will directly affect your marketing and how successful it can be.

Understand Your Business


This book will help you understand your business and how it works. Because so many companies spend money before coming up with a plan, I created this book to guide you through a strategic approach to your marketing. 

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