Social media marketing is a fantastic way to engage and convert potential customers while at the same time keeping existing customers up to date. Underpin Marketing’s social media strategy and delivery service is a proactive and cost-effective way of managing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts.

A focused social media marketing strategy can bring real increases in profitability, if managed correctly. But it can also lead to huge headaches and potentially devastating consequences if not handled in the right way. That’s why it’s so important to find a reliable social media manager.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of marketing that harnesses the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks to provide leads, engagement and brand awareness. This can be done for free through posting images, messages or videos, or you can pay to be seen by many potential customers through paid social advertisements. 

Underpin Marketing will work with you to create a social media marketing strategy that has clear goals, focuses on your target market and delivers a message that resonates.

The positive effect of social media marketing

Underpin Marketing uses analytics and research to understand the best possible way to get the maximum exposure for your brand. From hashtags to interactions, we can help you position your company as a thought leader and a company to be trusted.

We also provide regular, transparent reports to every one of our clients to ensure nothing is hidden and all opportunities are presented.

By creating a strategy, then actually doing the work for you, we provide social media marketing that can increase traffic, promote customer engagement and deliver conversions to your business.

Find out more by filling in the form below. Underpin Marketing will then contact you to find out if we can help improve your social media marketing.

Social media posting

Picking the right image, video or gif for your social media message can be the difference between a high-impact post and an ineffective one. You also need to consider the social media network you are posting to. What works on Facebook might not be the best thing for Instagram, so tailoring each post to both the audience and the network is a key component of every Underpin Marketing social media strategy.

Another key to good social media is timing. Underpin Marketing uses the latest research and trends to make sure your posts hit the right potential customers at the right time. A combination of quality, individuality and timing means with Underpin Marketing, your social media is as good as it can be.