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‘Lewis has a wealth of experience and his half-day course was packed full of useful information for any business looking to market themselves effectively in a crowded marketplace.  Recommended.’

Michael Nadasdy, Hertfordshire County Council

‘Lewis led the session with gusto and made it both fun and enlightening for a diverse group of people and companies. It got me thinking in a new way about my business and how I market my services – I would highly recommend attending one of Lewis’s events.’ 

Lisa Moss, Design Consultant

“Training sessions run by Lewis are always informative, interesting and useful. He makes great use of examples so the content is relatable and he knows how to keep his audience engaged and entertained.”

Andy M, Attendee

I definitely enjoyed your Let’s Talk Marketing workshop, and learned a lot from it.  I seem to have been fumbling my way through the past 7 years, and your workshop has given me lots to think about in re-aligning my marketing for my photography services. Everyone in the room was very friendly, and your interactive approach to the training worked really well.

Teresa Whyte, Studio 66 Photography

Underpin’s event was really informative. The discussion was open and people felt comfortable contributing. The content was controlled and the content and information flowed well. This meant that people were not too overwhelmed in what can be a very open subject. Scenarios were tailored across a wide range of industry which played a relevance to the entire audience.”

Stefan Butler, Finance


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