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Underpin Marketing believes every business deserves access to a marketing consultant and their strategic skills. Marketing skills which are so readily available to larger organisations. We believe that a good plan can make a business. Because with a good plan, anything is possible.

Underpin Marketing are an independent marketing consultancy, so we aren’t tied to one approach, like social media or pay-per-click.

We recommend the marketing that you actually need, not just the services we happen to supply.

This approach allows us to deliver expert strategy and marketing consultancy at a cost that’s affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.


Who are Underpin Marketing

Underpin Marketing are a team of independent marketing consultants led by our founder, Lewis English.

At Underpin Marketing, we provide a different style of strategic marketing and planning, one that is normally reserved for big-paying corporate clients.

We collaborate with their clients, teasing out the best ideas and using our experience and expertise to deliver the perfect plan. Once we have developed a marketing strategy, we use our network of trusted experts to deliver your marketing plan for you. You only pay people for the work they do, and what they specialise in.

In essence, we act as a company’s Chief Marketing Officer, meaning you get to have all the expertise without having to hire someone in-house.

Lewis English Author Marketing Strategiest


We offer an all-in-one solution for marketing consultancy, design, planning, and implementation that provides everything you need without having to pay for all the unnecessary bits.

Our values are be good, do good and collaborate. So we work with you, mixing our expertise and passion with your ideas and values.

We love to work with businesses of all sizes. As consultants we bring fresh perspectives. Our previous clients come from the Technology, Service, Environmental and Public Sectors.

We like to come in with fresh ideas and an alternative perspective. We have never found a niche or industry we haven’t found utterly fascinating. From Nuclear Power to Nurseries – we always bring the passion and the expertise. 

Every project we work on is different, so we look for different results depending on the needs of the client.

Some examples of our results are:

  • Changing the government’s policy on the environment.
  • Helping children with disabilities access farm schools.
  • Securing a UK-based company a £7m contract with the US Government to help protect the environment.
  • We’ve also promoted movies, albums and coaching courses.
  • For one client we improved their turnover by 256% over a three year period.

Of course! Drop our founder an email – lewis@underpinmarketing.com

Yes! And not just for your benefit. We want to make sure we can help and if not, we can provide you with the best place to go to get it. 

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